A couple days ago I found out that I may not be able to see my family for Christmas. My parents moved from Alabama to Colorado last February and they are far away now. I saw them last in March. Because I work all the time, but get a while off for Christmas, originally I thought I'd see them this Christmas, but finances probably aren't going to allow for that. They have a business to run, so they can't come here. Our car won't go that far. It sucks.

My parents are fun.

And besides that, there is a point when you realize people won't be here forever & ever. What if I only get to see them one time a year (if that) for good? That isn't a lot of time.

I hate money. It is the reason for anything annoying and depressing in my life.

Pretty Boys

As I was walking back from lunch today I saw this guy walking down the sidewalk and I really couldn't keep from staring. Not because he was good-looking, but because it was freaky how "pretty" he was trying to make hiimself. Necklaces, sunglasses, trendy jeans, trendy little non-vintage yet looks vintage t-shirt... Gag. He probably has a name like Chad or Ryan... or even worse 'Jackson' or 'Rushing'.....

Hey Jackson - do they sell testicles at The Gap?

Carve a Pumpkin, I will

So, I couldn't afford to buy a pumpkin pattern from that site Tamie found, but a thumbnail from their website and adobe illustrator made them free for me with just a little time tracing. Yeah, maybe I shouldn't admit that, but at least I'm giving them credit for the artwork. Heeeerreee's YODA!

I am SO immature

Patrick & I love to go into World Market and buy cool, worldly foods, candies, coffees and stuff. When we came across this we could not resist owning a can of this British delight just for fun.

The cashier asked if it tasted good and I said "Even if it did, I wouldn't tell anyone about it!".

So, I began to think about how this product is made by Heinz. So is ketchup. In retaliation to Heinz ketchup, Bush supporters marketed "W" ketchup in order to assure their ketchup dollars go to the right candidate. How about some "W" Spotted Dick? Or, for that matter, Tony Blair Spotted Dick?

Also, is there some kind of Heinz/British alliance? I thought Tony Blair was with "W"...Hmmmm... secrets of the spotted dick.

In short, I am very immature and we laughed like a couple of 13 year olds when we were in World Market.

I had a dream last night

Last night I had a dream about someone I used to know and don't like. I had a dream that they were like on a mountain top throwing their hands up in the air, crying, and shouting out things like "I am a Woman!"... "I am invincable!"..."I am Powerful!"... and all I did was laugh--REALLY REALLY hard. And the whole time I laughed I was thinking about how great this was--laughing at someone stupid right to their face. I think the laughing woke me up because when I woke up from it, It felt like it had really happened and I sorta chuckled and went back to sleep. It is still making me laugh.


So, yesterday Patrick and I were walking at Keisel park and a bug flew into my eye. Damn thing felt like a freakin' Pteredactyl or something, but he swore to me it was just a gnat. Never-the-less I stood there blinking for like 5 minutes and then kept walking, but I had to walk around all squinty for an hour. This morning my eye hurts like a mo-fo. I've got this strange little film over my eye and everything looks blurry. It makes me want to shut my eyes. Then that makes me want to go to sleep.

Damn bug.

The Electoral College

I would like to take a moment to commend the U.S. Government on their superb ability to confuse the holy-hell out of Americans. The first link provided at the end of this blog entry show how twisted, complicated, and DRY the government has made themselves out to be so that the average American loses interest in the truth very quickly. The second link is an example of how something like the electoral college SHOULD be explained.

Why is it that they never explain this correctly? When will people see that they've been duped? How many more times with people elect a president that never goes into office? When will people learn that they have to vote in their state elections for any difference to be made?

I get tired of news shows blowing smoke up our arses about how it is going to be a close race. Yeah, right! Every single election it is the same.... It is all just crap sometimes. I love living in America, I just get tired of the rich, arrogant bastards who take capitalism to a dirty level.

In short : I wish this election would hurry up and end because I'm tired of all the shit on TV.

The Electoral College- The U.S. Government's Way
The Electoral College- The People's Explanation

Sad Passing

I had to share this....

With all the sadness and trauma going on in the world
at the moment, it is worth reflecting on the death of
a very important person from our collective
childhoods which almost went unnoticed two weeks ago.

Larry La Prise, the man who wrote "The Hokey Pokey",
died peacefully at age 93. The most traumatic part for his family was getting him into the coffin. They put his left leg in. And then
the trouble started...

Shut up! You know it's funny.

Yawn & Stuff

Ever have one of those days (or weeks) when you can't stop yawning? I can hardly get any words out for another yawn. My eyes have been watery all day. There are two types of yawns -- the wake-up-yawns and the I-need-to-go-back-to-bed yawns and these are definately the latter.
Yawning too much and not being about to do anything about it feels really miserable.

I had a job interview yesterday. A LONG one. Two hours all together. I presented my portfolio, they asked me questions, I asked them questions, and finally they showed me around. I'm not sure when I will know anything, but hopefully by sometime next week.

And let's hope they actually DO contact me even if I do not get the job because I hate waiting to find out and no one says anything. Its like when someone breaks up with you by just not talking to you anymore--its kinda shitty.

I have a couple other leads as well. Guess I'll be needing to make some more of my fuzzy dice leave-behinds.

I have my domain kinda sorta up & going now -- www.diversiondesign.com. I just have a graphic there with a link to my old online portfolio. I'll be working on that in bits-n-pieces here & there.... It is hard to have time to do that stuff too. My parents need a new website too!

So much design, so little time...
Not to mention the fact that I want to get another domain for my personal website.

Blech... I'd rather be somewhere else besides work... working on other shit.

Women's Lib...

So, I think we should kick some ass in Nigeria for this one! Can you imagine if unwed mothers got stoned in the US? I'm not really on the feminist bandwagon, but this is sad. She is to give birth to her child then be killed. This is heinous....
CNN.com - Nigerian court condemns women to death by stoning - Oct 12, 2004

Botanicals and Baklava

I am still exhausted from my weekend. If I don't sleep in a little on Saturday I am NO good for the coming week.

But, fun was had in ATL this weekend.
First, on Saturday we went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens which included a installation by an artist I like Dale Chihuly. He is a famous glass artist out of Washington who does realy cool organic looking glass medusa's and floats. The way the garden's were decorated with his work made it even more interesting.

It was fun for the most part. After a while its just a repeat of lots of plants and glass shit. I'm not one of those people who go freakin' ga-ga over everything. Some people were writing down the names of plants and shit. I don't think I even read a full plant name the entire time we were there except that one had "Mary" in it and that kinda jumped out at me.

Then we went to the Atlanta Greek Festival. There were WAY more people there than I had expected. We mostly ate a lot there. They had LOTS of food and this Mary had a little lamb :) Mmmmmm....

We bought a Greek coffee maker and some greek coffee and lots of pasteries. It was amazing how many pasteries this place had! They were really churning them out and they made them right there at the church.

The next day we were going to go to the Atlanta History Center, but Atlanta SUCKS on Sunday. We were hungry and couldn't even get in to eat anywhere that didn't have a drive-thru. It was like a 1+1/2 wait everywhere.

A word about Atlanta: It sucks. The traffic sucks, the way they don't have signs that are correct sucks, the way that they assume that everyone who visits lives there sucks..... It just sucks. It is hardly relaxing to drive in Atlanta. Even when you prepare ahead of time, it is a pain in the ass....

State Fair

Oh, it is fall again and time for the State Fair! The fair is one redeemable quality of living in the south. For the most part, the State Fair is so wholesome! When I was a kid I used to enter contests at the county and state fairs via 4-H (how ironic that I should work for Alabama 4-H now!). It was fun. I won money that way too. I got 1st place at both county and state fair one year with my alternative groundcover project (yeah, what a dork!).

Last year Patrick and I fought the crowd and went to the fair and had a good time looking at the 4-H cattle, goats, pigs, & Sheep on the midway. The animals are the best! AND they had a petting zoo which will be back this year. Last year, they had a little kangaroo, but he was too petrified of all the people to move. I felt sorry for him. The petty zoo is great and the rest of the animals too. We went on a ride last year and I thought I was going to have a heart-attack it scared me so badly. When did I become a wuss? I don't know, but the thrill was gone and the terror had replaced it!

I got two free tickets to the fair today from work! I'm excited. It starts this weekend, but we've got plans so next weekend the fair is ours! YAY!

Lost tunes

I haven't made time for music lately. At work, I just kinda listen to Virgin radio out of the UK and sometimes I get a blast from the past. If not that, I'll listen to top 40 or 80s just for background noise.

Last night I went through my CDs and founds all kinds of stuff. Ever realized how much the songs you listen to make you who you are? I found songs that used to define who I was that I haven't listened to in years. I found some Indigo girls that were burned to a disk that I haven't listened to in AGES. It's like I could finally breathe again when I heard "Galilleo" and "Closer to Fine".

I found some Enigma, some PM Dawn, Bush, Babyface (yeah, laugh if you want! I still love some of those songs!), Better Than Ezra, Tori, TLC, Salt'N'Peppa, my Romeo & Juliet soundtrack (both volumes)....

I brought out my Counting Crows CDs - I own all the mainstream ones and I've got a lot of burned stuff too. I've got all Pearl Jam known to man. Counting Crows are always therepy. Pearl Jam is good for any mood.

I miss those tunes! I miss singing in the car.

I'm going to start making more time for music.

Miss Piggy is pretty!

I was rembering back to a time when I was a kid who watched lots of 80s cartoons. I had a pair of Muppet Show shoes with Miss Piggy on them and I remember how I used to think that Miss Piggy was the PRETTEST woman ever! I used to be so jealous of her blond hair and blue eyes because I thought that it was a fact that those qualities were superior to my dark hair and dark eyes. I used to wonder why such a stunninly beautiful Piggy would be with Kermit the Frog. I even had a pair of velcro shoes with Miss Piggy on them. When her body had finally worn off the sole of the shoe, I got ticked off and wanted new ones. What good was Miss Piggy shoes without Miss Piggy watching over my every step?

Now that I am an adult I realize, of course, how dumb it was for me to think that a puppet of a sow pig was beautiful. But, never-the-less, it goes to show you how easily kids know what is considered socially superior and how that can stick with a person for so long. Granted, I now realize that Miss Piggy is not the epitomy of beauty.

Now that I am older, I am also glad that I did rub that stupid, blond Piggy bi-yatch off the bottom of my shoes! HA! Blondes might be more fun, but at least brunettes know what they are laughing at...

Talk about a random tangent...


I've got a few wrinkles to iron out of my new look, but so far so good!

Cockney Lesson Of the Day

Adam and Eve rhymes with believe
which is used as 'would you Adam and Eve it!'

Apples and pears rhymes with stairs
which is used as 'up the apples and pears'.

Tom tit rhymes with 'shit'
Only as 'I'm off for a tom tit'

Cockney is one of the coolest forms of slang in the whole world. I love how it is all one big rhyming game. I don't know that I could ever remember all of it because I've got so much tom tit in my head already!

Oh, and remember you have to use a nice British accent and make sure that your "H"s are silent because that is the cockney way!

I need a new look

I need a new color scheme. I'm getting tired of this one. I might go for a b&w photograhical thing next. Something that is more blasphemos again too. Yeahh.... thats the picture. The fun thing about this blog stuff is that it takes about an hour to get a new look. I always get tired of the way things looks so fast. And here I am in front of a computer all day with all the tools I could ever need to make a kick-ass blog.

I got my own domain name a couple of weeks ago, but I haven't transfered anything over there yet because I'm still figuring out what the hell I"m doing. www.diversiondesign.com will be me soon. It'll be my freelance sight. I still want to get www.lifelovedesign.com too! Plus, I need to make my parents a new website for their business www.westwayscourt.com . I wish I had more time for all this...

I need more sleep ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz