You give kids a bad name!

Why do people name their children after weird/bad things? Did you hear about the lady a few weeks ago who gave birth to her child while on the way to the hospital? She was in the backseat of her car with her mother delivering the baby. They named the child "Lexus" because she was born in the back of the car. Good thing they weren't in a Ford Astro or something!

Today I ran across this randomly:
Quote: "Mike named him Bleu because he wasn't breathing when he was born. He was limp and blue. Mike was covering my eyes so that I wouldn't look at him. It seemed like it took forever for him to cry."

No no no! Do not name your child after the fact that it almost DIED at birth. You just don't do that! "Oh, this is my son Breech and my daughter Cessarian."

I know someone personally who named their child to commemorate the rape in which he was conceived. Kannsas City Shadow. It happened in Kannsas City, and the man came out of the Shadows. I won't reveal the last name, but there couldn't be that many people out there with that named "Kannsas City" with two N's. I'm not sure if she was getting artistic or if she is just THAT dumb.

Quote source:
Kristal Armendariz