What are our butts trying to say?

I was thinking today about how when I was a kid, thong underwear were something that you would find in a dirty magazine. They were almost as nasty as crotchless panties. Now, thongs are an acceptable style of underpants that many teens, young women, and older women like. When will the era of the thong be over? Fashionably it IS over, but some women just can't seem to get over themselves -- they still think it makes them look sexy.

On another note we have pants and shorts with written messages on the back of them. In my college town we have a lot of "Auburn", "Tigers", and Greek letters displayed on fannies, but I have seen plenty of others. My least favorite was "Juicy". This just disgusts me to no end. I would not want my butt to convey juiciness. I know what they were trying to say, but all my mind thinks is "swamp-ass"! Yeah, put that message on your ass, girlie!

Why is it that women complain of being oggled and stared at, yet they send messages to men with their asses? Thongs sticking out of jeans whichever way you look while women desperately try to show-off their sexuality. Their running shorts say "Princess", "Flirt", and "Angel" when they might as well say "Easy", "Cheap", "Loose", or "If you like this, wait'll you see my boobs!"

In conclusion, why is America trying to turn women's asses into billboards? We have t-shirts for showing our favorite college team, our cute nicknames, and name-brands -- must be plaster them on our posterior as well? We have comfortable and sexy underwear that cover your entire ass AND pants that go up over them. Why don't you save that popcicle for someone who can at least save $0.25 to buy it rather than show 'em around the icecream truck for free.



Dj Nitemare said...

I totally agree with you...and I'm of the male species. There was a time when I thought women in thongs were sexy, but that was when only a few women dare to. Now everyone wears them and its nothing special to see. It's about as interesting as see the same ol tribal or flower tatoo on their lower backs. What is sad is the girls are getting younger and bolder in showing their underwear off. These girls aren't going to a club they're going to school like this.

Again, I agree with you about how for years women did nothing but complain about the way they are looked at, and now they put a sign on their rear. What I think is funny are these 200 pound women running around in shorts with the label "Sexy" on their backside. I give those gals an extra long look, trying to figure out just exactly what was meant by that.

To all the ladies - cover it up, leave me something for the imagination. That's the fun part of the whole chase.