An Outing with Ivan & I

Even though Auburn is a good 3 hours drive inland, the University shut down Thursday and Friday for Hurricane Ivan. Wednesday afternoon I left a little early so that I could run some errands that I knew I wouldn't be able to attend to in the windy & rain.

Patrick's parents were kind enough to allow us to go with them to Newnan, GA. to stay a a hotel while the storm passed. We thought it would be better to wait it out somewhere more stable and less likely to be hit by tornados and power outages. So, we packed up the cat, my computer, portfolio, and any other valuables and headed to the Jameson Inn.

Cats and hotel rooms just don't mix at first. He found every single solitary nook and cranny in the room and wedged himself in there for hours. At one point we had to take the king size bed totally apart to get his little furry ass out of there. Even when we blocked the holes up with towels, he managed to take his super-feet and dig the towels out of his way. Then he managed to hunker down underneath a nightstand and finally the recliner that was in the room. After all that mess we put him in the bathtub for a while. "Put" is too weak a word for all of the clawing he did on the way to the tub! Finally he started chilling the time we left, he was sitting in the window and really "owning" the place.

Two rainy nights and many peanutbutter & Jelly sandwiches later, we got back to Auburn and we saw that everything was just how it ALWAYS was. Nothing had happened. Had we stayed and been unprepared, something would have happened. That is always how it goes.

And so ends Hurricane Ivan wreaking its havoc upon all of Alabama in its many forms of wind, rain, and tornados. Luckily for me, the hurricane's path changed considerably from its first projection. But, I do feel for those in Gulf Shores and the panhandle of Florida. I hope this is the last of the damage this season!