Just say "NO!" to Justin & Kelly

Oh, the wonders of cable! Each month we fork out 10s of dollars to watch crap! HBO shows CRAP. Patrick and I will never have to rent another DVD just to make fun of it ever again. This weekend's crap-o-thon featured "Justin & Kelly : A tale of Two American Idols". This movie really was a sheist-fest! But a funny one!

This 90 minutes of torture includes the rompings of 3 girl-friends who have nothing in common except the air that they breath and 3 guy-friends, who are also as equally mis-matched, on Spring Break in Florida. Justin & Kelly are obviously the median in each of their groups and are being sabotaged by Kelly's "friend" who is jealous of the attention being paid to her friend who was portly in comparison to her own skeletal figure.

This movie has ALL the cliches! Love, betrayal, denial, ex-boyfriends, cut muscles, dork transformations! It has it all. In the end, friendship prevails (even though I wouldn't dumped that skanky-bitchwhore if she were my friend) and all is well in Spring Break land.

Did I forget to mention this is a musical? Yes, among all this drama you have song & dance routines that will make your head spin (then you'll vomit!...but not from the headspinning). There is nothing like a teenage love drama being belted out in song while random people dance perfectly in sync in the background.

I guess they were trying to make another "Grease". Let's face it, nobody knows why the hell "Grease" was such a success -- American Idol was really pressing their luck. One positive thing I can say about the movie is that is was totally harmless. The drama was pre-teen at best and at least their bodies were covered. I even found it funny how very covered Kelly Clarkson remained during the entire movie. She usually had on capri pants or a sarong on the beach -- which looked kinda weird, but I can't say that I would want all of American to see my butt jiggle while I danced around the beach.

If you want a good laugh, try to catch this movie on cable.
We had quite a good time laughing at this one!