I watched the Pilot of "Joey" last night. It seems like the Friends spin-off has some merit! Aside from Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribbiani, it stars Drea DeMatteo as Gina Tribiani and Paulo Costanzo as Michael. You may remember Costanzo as the weed tokin' philosophical friend from from Road Trip.

The show was certainly funny, and Friends fans should have every reason to tune in. I see a lot of potential in Costanzo's character, Michael. Michael plays Joey's 20 year old nephew who at the end of the first episode moves in with Joey. I see a cast of whacky characters starting to build around Joey and his new California life. The only character that doesn't quite fit is Joey's neighbor Allison who introduces herself early on in the episode. Joey thinks he might have a chance with his new blond neighbor, but it really isn't clear WHY he thinks that. Turns out that by the end of the episode we learn that Allison is married. I think that was supposed to be shocking, but I'm not sure why.

All in all, I'd give the show an A! I'm looking forward to more characters and funny lines. Joey comes on NBC Thursday nights at 7pm central time. Maybe this show will make my cable bill worth it!