Greed oh!

As I'm sure you've seen or heard, the Star Wars trilogy was just released on DVD Tuesday. $50 bucks will get you 4 DVDs (3 movies, 1 bonus disc) and you can have yet ANOTHER version of Star Wars.

According to CNN, Lucas has altered them again. Several scenes have been modified so these movies will mesh even better with the new prequals. For instance, Darth Vader's unveiling as Luke's father has been altered to make the actor's appearance more closely relate to the new actor who plays Anikin Skywalker.

Lucas' ability to use digital technology to easily alter films has turned him into a movie monster. Just leave it alone George! It was good! We all know it was good! People LOVE it, so just leave it alone!

I think it is a combination of perfectionism and greed. He is a perfectionist. He has rethought scenese over and over again since day one. Greed is surely a factor as well. How many versions will big Star Wars fans buy? All of them! You betcha. They are released slowly so that ones wallet isn't effected all at once, but when you take time to survey all your Star Wars crap, suddenly you see a small fortune.

Patrick was getting into collecting the action figures. I loved looking for cool ones myself. We looked for Yoda religiously for a while because he was a really hard one to find. But, over the last 2 years, I've seen this action figure racket go from fun to annoying as hell. Every time we go into Wal*mart there is yet ANOTHER version of the same action figure. Either they have been repackaged, or they have had something menial added to them (like an extra plastic gun!). Most recently, they have been giving them "retro" packaging. I'm assuming that is because of this DVD release.

There is so many versions of Star Wars memoribilia that it will make your head spin.

So, my point is that George Lucas is a money-grubbing tight-assed perfectionist that just needs to STOP. Get the man out of the studio because he has given himself too much rope.

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