The One About The Office Stench

So, Patrick and I have been watching a LOT of friends lately. We've rented the DVDs and everything. I never got to watch the show very often when it was aired because I never had TV. In restrospect, one thing I really admire about the show is the way they named the episodes.

So, in light of all this, yesterday is now "The One About The Office Stench". Yesterday afternoon I suddenly found that the harder I tried to keep my door closed, the more it was opened. I have a lot of stuff to do and people just won't get out of my office. Before you know it there are three people in my office who I don't even know talking about things I know nothing about and telling stories. HOW ANNOYING. Well, one of the old guys told a funny story and, like most old guys, laughed at it more himself than anyone else did. Then the stench surfaced. All of a sudden the conversations were over and everyone left, but the stench remained. This old guy let one rip in the middle of his vein-popping laughter and it would NOT go away. I had to leave the room! It was disgusting. I was afraid if people came into my office they would think I did it!

After it aired out, I shut the door and locked it and didn't leave a "please knock if you need me sign" on the door.