Oh! My...

Last night after Patrick and I got done watching a DVD, we started flipping through the cable channels and got to Oh! The women's Oxygen network or whatever. I never watching those "all for women" networks. They are so dull. Apparently until Sunday night at 10PM when they get a little wild for an hour and a half! We saw this old lady on this Sex Talk show. She was pulling out all kinds of stuff from underneath that counter and answering call-in questions about ...well, you name it! It was quite strange. She had to be in her 70's.

After that show was off, we saw a show called "BLISS". It was HILLARIOUS. Basically, it is a Harlequin romance novel come to life. This one was about this single, white, soccermom who is living in suburbia with her early 20's son. Well, she's a wild thing, I tell ya. She starts eyeing her suns b-ball buddy Paolo. Well, Paolo is like some unique mix of ethnicity and soccermom's got her eyes all over him! Well, apparently Paolo digs that stuff too. Soccermom's friend comes in and is eyes soccermom's son and get's called on it (EW!). Well, soccermom and friend end up in a club. Paolo is there--go figure. They smoke a joint together (which makes me think of those "I LEARNED IT FROM WATCHING YOU!" commericals). Paolo and soccermom go home to their cold showers. Later that week Paolo comes over for the night and when sonny-boy is asleep Paolo and soccermom are off rockin' the volvo. What the hell?

Is this like the sexually deprived soccermom hour? It's really sad. Patrick and I were in tears we laughed so hard.It was so bad. I suggest you check your local listing for something to laugh at.