The one about the BIG HAIR

...yeah, that's some big hair...


I finally saw The Royale Tennenbaum's last night. I had tried to watch it before and I Patrick and I both thought it sucked. We gave it another chance last night and we really liked it. The humor is dark, weird, and funny. Just like we like it! By the end you start to like the characters even though they are really, really screwed up individuals.

We have also upgraded our netflix membership and decided to cut out Hastings because they never have anything good anymore. They used to have interesting things, but they've gotten rid of a lot of their movies or we've seen them already :) We've got SO Much stuff on netflix ... I suggest trying it if you really like to watch movies.

The One About The Ancient Housewives

So, today was a treat for me here at my job where no one wants me! I got to go to a crappy luncheon. It was the 40th anniversary of a nutrition education program here and they invited me for lunch (and to take pictures of the even of course *whip cracking*).

Well, I walk into the ballroom and see nothing but massive amounts of greyish-white hair that has been hairsprayed into the shape of an orb of mesh cotton candy around hundreds of wrinkly little heads. It smelled like talcum powder and cheap old lady perfume. There were so many thick-soled, orthopedic shoes in that room that I bet you they could get up enough static electricity walking across the room to charge a light bulb for at least 10 seconds. All of them domestic homemakers from long, long ago. We got a complimentary Nutrition Education anniversary cook book. It's ironic how many recipes included "Two Tablespoons of Lard".

The One About The Office Stench

So, Patrick and I have been watching a LOT of friends lately. We've rented the DVDs and everything. I never got to watch the show very often when it was aired because I never had TV. In restrospect, one thing I really admire about the show is the way they named the episodes.

So, in light of all this, yesterday is now "The One About The Office Stench". Yesterday afternoon I suddenly found that the harder I tried to keep my door closed, the more it was opened. I have a lot of stuff to do and people just won't get out of my office. Before you know it there are three people in my office who I don't even know talking about things I know nothing about and telling stories. HOW ANNOYING. Well, one of the old guys told a funny story and, like most old guys, laughed at it more himself than anyone else did. Then the stench surfaced. All of a sudden the conversations were over and everyone left, but the stench remained. This old guy let one rip in the middle of his vein-popping laughter and it would NOT go away. I had to leave the room! It was disgusting. I was afraid if people came into my office they would think I did it!

After it aired out, I shut the door and locked it and didn't leave a "please knock if you need me sign" on the door.


So, I've got 2 interviews set up! One for tomorrow at 1:00 in the afternoon Central Standard time and the other Monday at 10:00 AM Central Standard time. This is crazy. I hope that I get some good offers. I hope that I can find something at LEAST equal to what I have now (both income & otherwise). I don't think I'll be able to have my own office at my new job, but hey... I was lucky here. One place does embroidery and screenprinting and the other place is a software firm who needs another designer. Both very different. And then I STILL haven't heard back from the other job on campus. Sheesh!

About my links

I finally got around to adding more links. Actually, all this new look spawned from new links. I wanted to add Lori's Pointless Absurdity to my list because I go there every single day and I don't have it on the list. Also, I added Ash's handbound site - she makes books, you should check it out, they are awesome.
AND, I realized that the Bembo Zoo link never worked. It does now and it is really cool, so I suggest ya check it out. is a new one as well. In a nutshell, you register to the site, pick 4 colors you think are the best and let people rate them and see how your colors rank. My color cell is 56 of 100+ color cells. It's geek-a-zoidal FUN!

The New Me

I got a new look to my page. It doesn't blashpeme nearly as directly as my old look used to, but I like the colors and I wanted a change. No biggie. I'll probably want to change it again later anyways!


I feel like a ghost...

So, here I sit at my desk knowing that in two months I won't be here anymore. I was told today that my position is being disolved. The organization is restructuring and they have to give my miserable little wage to one of the big assholes at the top so they can use it to buy half of one of their giant gas-eating SUVs...

So, they tell me that and I don't feel like being very productive today. Is that bad? Is it bad if I want to cry right now, but not because I am sad because I am very, very MAD?

This sucks.

Oh! My...

Last night after Patrick and I got done watching a DVD, we started flipping through the cable channels and got to Oh! The women's Oxygen network or whatever. I never watching those "all for women" networks. They are so dull. Apparently until Sunday night at 10PM when they get a little wild for an hour and a half! We saw this old lady on this Sex Talk show. She was pulling out all kinds of stuff from underneath that counter and answering call-in questions about ...well, you name it! It was quite strange. She had to be in her 70's.

After that show was off, we saw a show called "BLISS". It was HILLARIOUS. Basically, it is a Harlequin romance novel come to life. This one was about this single, white, soccermom who is living in suburbia with her early 20's son. Well, she's a wild thing, I tell ya. She starts eyeing her suns b-ball buddy Paolo. Well, Paolo is like some unique mix of ethnicity and soccermom's got her eyes all over him! Well, apparently Paolo digs that stuff too. Soccermom's friend comes in and is eyes soccermom's son and get's called on it (EW!). Well, soccermom and friend end up in a club. Paolo is there--go figure. They smoke a joint together (which makes me think of those "I LEARNED IT FROM WATCHING YOU!" commericals). Paolo and soccermom go home to their cold showers. Later that week Paolo comes over for the night and when sonny-boy is asleep Paolo and soccermom are off rockin' the volvo. What the hell?

Is this like the sexually deprived soccermom hour? It's really sad. Patrick and I were in tears we laughed so hard.It was so bad. I suggest you check your local listing for something to laugh at.

My Madonna Story

Okay, when I was 6 years old, I pretty much listened to everything popular on the radio and memorized the songs so I could be just like my brother and his friends. One day while in reading groups in the 1st grade, I asked to be excused to go to the bathroom. Back then the bathrooms were in the classroom and they were old and very, very small.

For SOME reason, I assumed that not only was it a bathroom, but a sound-proof room as well. So, during my bathroom break I decided to belt out the chorus of "Like A Virgin" as loud as I could. Seeing as how we were still reading about Dick and Jane and their dog Spot, the word "Virgin" had no meaning to my innocent little ears. I can still remember to this day pullin' up my pants and dancin' around in that little bathroom singing "TOUCHED FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME... LIKE A VIR-IR-IR-IR GIN....WITH YOUR HEARTBEAT NEXT TO MINE..."

When I got out of the bathroom, I was horrified because ALL my friends and classmates heard me singing. They were laughing and pointing . My teacher, however was at her desk with her head down and tears of laughter streaming down her face--seeing that she was the only person in the room who knew what "Virgin" meant. I was so completely horrified.

And that is my Madonna story.