True Blue, Baby!

Saturday was my Madonna concert experience. I must say this was the best concert I have every been to in my life. I am a big Madonna fan, but I haven't kept up with her last two albums like I should have so I was worried that I wouldn't get the full concert experience. Well, I had nothing to worry about because this was a concert for the old-schoolers. Most everything she sang was old. And the new songs she performed were released and widely known so everyone could enjoy this show. She did "re-invent" some of her old songs like a slow version of "Deeper" and some new lyrics to "Get into the Groove". Like a Prayer and Papa Don't Preach seemed to be huge favorites among the crowd in Atlanta. Even though I was at the tippy top and the Jumbo tron wasn't so Jumbo, I still had a great time knowing that I was seeing Madonna live and in person. Her set changes were great. Her dancers and performers were very talented. She had break-dancers, acrobats, skateboarders, tap dancing... it was a great show all together. The crowd was great too. Everyone was so nice & polite.

I saw my best friend after the show (he's the one who gave Patrick & I the tickets) and found out what his experience was like from the floor crowd. During the show Madonna used a catwalk that jutted out into the audience in a triangle form. He was under the center point of that triangle and he got a real underground view of Madonna. I was really excited for him because he is such a huge fan. All in all, a good time was had by everyone. Even Patrick, who isn't really a big fan said that it was the best concert he'd been to because she was such a good entertainer.

YAY Madonna!