True Blue, Baby!

Saturday was my Madonna concert experience. I must say this was the best concert I have every been to in my life. I am a big Madonna fan, but I haven't kept up with her last two albums like I should have so I was worried that I wouldn't get the full concert experience. Well, I had nothing to worry about because this was a concert for the old-schoolers. Most everything she sang was old. And the new songs she performed were released and widely known so everyone could enjoy this show. She did "re-invent" some of her old songs like a slow version of "Deeper" and some new lyrics to "Get into the Groove". Like a Prayer and Papa Don't Preach seemed to be huge favorites among the crowd in Atlanta. Even though I was at the tippy top and the Jumbo tron wasn't so Jumbo, I still had a great time knowing that I was seeing Madonna live and in person. Her set changes were great. Her dancers and performers were very talented. She had break-dancers, acrobats, skateboarders, tap dancing... it was a great show all together. The crowd was great too. Everyone was so nice & polite.

I saw my best friend after the show (he's the one who gave Patrick & I the tickets) and found out what his experience was like from the floor crowd. During the show Madonna used a catwalk that jutted out into the audience in a triangle form. He was under the center point of that triangle and he got a real underground view of Madonna. I was really excited for him because he is such a huge fan. All in all, a good time was had by everyone. Even Patrick, who isn't really a big fan said that it was the best concert he'd been to because she was such a good entertainer.

YAY Madonna!

Spelling apology

Sometimes I go back and read what I post on my blog and realize I should really slow down and proof read this crap before I post. But, then I realize that I don't have time to do that. So here is a blanket apology for my typos and misspellings that I know are there. I am no dummy. I am no dictionary. I admit some words I do not know how to spell or a brain block inhibits my ability to recall how to spell certain words. Now...back to the blog.

Nip! Tuck!

This morning on NBC's Today show, they had a segment about plastic surgery and the army. According to the U.S. Army, they offer plastic surgery as a benefit of joining the army. They offer dental reconstruction, face lifts, breast augmentation, and other various services. This is outrageous. Women are falling for this left and right. I always thought that women in the military wanted to promote equality. I guess now that women have jumped off the equality band-wagon they'd rather have big boobies so that they can get a night job as a topless dancer and make more money. I never thought the terms "military" and "boob-job" would ever cross paths.

Cold Mountain

Last night Patrick and I rented Cold Mountain. Just when I go and decide to let my guard down and see a movie that I thought would suck--I find that I was right in the first place. It sucked. It was worse than I thought it would be. Normally, I would have been all about this movie, but this was bad. Being that my future husband is a historian, we could really shred this one to bits. Here are some of my problems with this movie....

Clothes do not fly off of an individual unless accompanied by the rest of his body. That visual effect of clothes being ripped off a soilders during the opening scene was a cheap attempt to get ooh's and aah's.

During the battle of the crator, union soldiers did get trapped in the hole that they created to destroy the confederates, and they were tragically struck there while the south killed them. However, the film showed way too many soldiers in that crator. Just another alteration of history for the sake of being over-dramatic.

Two words: Bad accents.

Three words: Renee Zelweiger Sucks!

Union troops were shown as really, really mean and crazy. I don't think this was the case. They didn't have the man-power to be so crazy about hunting down people who left the army. Also, the roving troop of union man-hunters was insane. Why in the hell would they spend so much time tracking down some old guy and his practically mentally retarded musical compainion just to shoot them? I think they would have had bigger fish to fry. Also, I doubt that any of the abuse toward women they showed in the movie would have happened. Granted, I'm sure there are isolated incidents, but this movie made union soldiers look like Charles Manson.

It was the stereotypically PC saga of the rightous, slave-freeing, mind-our-own-business southerners getting whooped by the tyrannical north. Whatever.

Chickamauga, GA.

Two images taken on the site of the Civil War battle in Chickamauga, GA.

Postcard Preview

My latest postcard for the Creative Postcard Club. It is a gallery opening invitation for a non-existant show. My concept for the gallery is a collection of digital images by me including one set of digitally altered images I took of a graveyard in New Mexico that I called "Digital Religion". The image on the postcard is a really great Virgin Mary statue that was part of a grave in New Mexico.

My postcard for CPC

Saving my sanity

In an attempt to save the sanity of both myself and Patrick, we took a trip to Chattanooga, TN this past weekend. We saw the Aquarium & 2 IMAX movies (Rainforest Bugs, 3D & Ocean Wonderland, 3D -- they rocked! Then on Sunday we did a little historical battlefield tour of Chickamauga. Patrick is a history major, so this was cool. I like that stuff too, but I also like getting to take the pictures. I borrowed a digital camera and got some pics that come out really good. I'll post them later on. Been busy at work. This place pisses me off. Tomorrow I'm shutting the door and pretending I'm not here!

My mama told me, you'd better photoshop around!

Just messin' around with my pic and thought this was a great color...