I made it through the wilderness

My best friend from high school sent me a birthday card yesterday with a ticket to the Atlanta MADONNA CONCERT in it! WOOOHOOOOO! I'm so freakin' excited! Granted, I haven't kept up with Madonna's latest CD, but she is a generational pop ICON and I get to see her in concert. It will be me and my best friend, his neice renee and his friend Kevin. Get a load of this.... He paid $700 for his one ticket! Mine was only $92. Lets just say that Renee and I are sitting a LONG way from him and Kevin which is understandable. Patrick is going to go to Atlanta and meet his best friend from Savannah there and go out while I'm at the concert. Then we'll all meet up later. It sounds like it'll work out grand! July 24th at Atlanta's Phillips Arena.... MADONNA! Woohoo! :)