So, Saturday was a great day. Patrick made me breakfast and then we went to pick my kitty cat up from the vet--he's feeling great, but let's just say he's not the man he used to be. After we came home Patrick made me a cake (funfetti!) Then we were really TIRED. Which kind of sucked, but I decided that I should take advantage of the only "me" day I get a year and go do something. It ended up that we went shopping. I tried to cut it short, but it was sale weekend. Oh my. I got some skirts, dresses, Bath&BodyWorks soap and we saw some strange and unusual characters around town. Then we had dinner at O'Charley's... Patrick tried to get me embarrassed with the typical resteraunt birtherday clapping, but instead it was kind of late and they just brought me a CAKE. Well, I haven't even had the one Patrick made yet. When we got home we lit candles and made a wish then it was bed time--we didn't even slice it up. Sunday morning I spent all morning making a 2 CD set of 50's & 60's music for Patrick's dad. We had a nice dinner at his parents house and his mom brought out the... you guessed it! CAKE! Chocolate on chocolate. Well, we had a piece at dessert and then, they Insisted that we take it home. More cake. CAKE CAKE CAKE.