The Big Apple

Why is it that some people can't understand simple design concepts? For instance. I designed an invitation for a 40th anniversary celebration of a nutritional program. It had a big apple on the front. The guy said, "Don't you think this apple is to big? It is bigger than an actual apple." "Oh My God", I thought to myself. I then said, "Well, my idea was that if the apple was 'larger than life' the person invited would be more likely to remember the invitation existed--we are dealing with busy state & county officials who have a million things laying around on their desk. A bright shiny apple would probably stand out more than the world 'ALABAMA' considering we see that word so often. So the giant apple is a reminder on paper." **dull look from across the room** How about a little trust? How about the fact that you do the nutrition thing and I do the graphic design thing. Not to mention the fact that most of the things around here get churned out looking totally craptastic and when I try to get a little professional everyone stutters. dumbasses.