The 3rd Reich of Parking

So, I have a temporary parking pass that I must renew every 3 months. Well, the last time I got it renewed they wrote the tag down wrong. They have "A" when in actuality it is "N". Well, I got 3 tickets for "possible misuse of permit". What? Did I scavenge the town for someone else with that out of county tag that just happened to be just like mine except it had an "A" instead of an "N" and just hope they had a parking permit for Auburn University? I don't think so. Well, the Parking Nazi's refuse to let me out of these tickets which is ridiculous. I am not the one who wrote it down. I really hate going to the PD here to get a new parking permit because they are all bitches. Every single one of them are parking nazi bitches and if the situation doesn't put you in a pissy mood their attitude and the attitude of the people forming a line behind you while they "investigate" what happened between the "A" and the "N" really will!