Since my last post was total crap...

I thought I would let you see my "favorites" list. Maybe some of the stuff there will keep you busy and you'll forget about how pointless my last post was.

Sites that I've added to my "list"

Uppity shit...

I just got a new issue of Graphic Design USA - a free design mag with lots of advertisements and like ONE article, but thats okay because it is free. The article this month is the yearly color forcast for designers. Isn't that so hoidy-toidy? The new color trends are set by fashion and then spread to other areas such as home interiors. Then, in order to be up-to-date on what colors are in trend, they publish this rinky dink article about PMS in Pantone Matching System (i know what you were thinking...). I just thought it was so "uppity", but I guess I see why it is a good thing to know. Like yesterday, I sat and watched a Quicktime movie for almost an hour and half of Steve Jobs (Macintosh CEO guy or whatever) talk about all the new features that mac has developed. It was a Mac developers conferance. Not only is it uppity, but dorky too... I guess it isn't really uppity, but it feels like that.

Farenheit 9/11 A-

Farenheit 9/11, Michael Moore's 4th major documentary film that ambushes President Bush for his highly ambiguous basis for waging war against Iraq, debuted this weekend in selected theaters.

A natural at psychology, Moore begins the film with small exerpts of Bush and other Washington officials primping nonchalantly before a live broadcast that is undoubtedly going to address the nation on a very serious matter. Bringing his theories on the War in Iraq to life by tediously arranging facts about Bush and his connections to Saudi Arabia's oil industry and other means of personal gain, the argument grows stronger as each new tid-bit reveals a little more of what Moore believes to be the truth. Not only does the film give details of personal relationships between George W. Bush and the middle east, but it also shows the injustice of sending Americans to war to die for an unclear cause. It shows this war as a crime against the "have nots" who are protecting the "have's" and the "have more's" as Bush said in one of the various clips from the film.

Moore's film, though obviously more hastily pieced together than award-winning Bowling for Columbine, was yet another successful documentary bringing out emotions in the American audience--both good and bad. Unlike Bowling for Columbine, I believe that this film did not always use it's footage in a fair way. Many of the clips Moore used could have been taken out of context merely to outrage an audience.

All in all, I would give this film an A- for overall quality. No matter one's opinion on the matter, from a film standpoint, he certainly managed to accomplish his goal of reaching the public in a hard-hitting manner that forces the audience to consider the questionable reasons behind the problems facing our America of today.

The Smell Lady

There is this lady that works on the 3rd floor in media that gets on my nerves. She is the smell lady. She smells things. All the time. For instance, sometimes some of the people in the back offices cook in the kitchenette back there and make some breakfast. I don't know why or how they can get away with doing this at work, but they do. Anyways, she'll come up from her car with her enormous bag of breakfast from either McDonalds or Burger King and proclaim "OH MY GAWD, that smells SO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD...what IS that smell? It smells like Fresh Bacon" *SNIFFFFFFFFFFFF*. And you can hear her inhaling. Well, she does that with EVERYTHING. It drives me crazy. Just the way she says it. And she does it like EVERY SINGLE DAY with something else. Like a dum-dum sucker, or a candle someone is burning, or popcorn someone has popped, or perfume, or things that I know aren't even there like the other day it was onions. What? She's like a monster. I think I'll draw a picture...

She gives "fun" a bad name

Oh my God, you've got to check this out. If you ever thought that your parents named you badly, check THIS out!

Since I quit...

smoking, I have taken up a little bit of cross-stitching because I really need to do something with my hands or else I get really antsy. The night before last, Patrick told me that I was going to make a really good grandma one day! What's that supposed to mean? I know that it isn't exactly the most youthful hobby in the world, but gee whiz. Is it my fault that all cross-stitch pattern kits are pretty ugly? I'm gonna give them away as gifts. I don't really like them, I just make them. I have, however, found an artist that can do some really cool stuff with embroidering. She would do portraits in thread and they were really cool--it was definately a work of fine art. That would be fun. Basically, if you can draw it out in a line drawing then you can stitch it. I've also been thinking about taking a photograph of something and imposing a grid on top, reducing the colors down to say 10 and making my own cross-stitch patterns. I wonder if I could sell them? To hip little old Grandmas maybe!

The only thing...

that I am looking forward to is a Jerk Jamaican Chicken pizza from Mellow Mushroom. Alriiiiiight.

Someday my prince will come!

One of my co-workers (someone I am working with on part of the nutritional thing mentioned in my last post) has taken to calling me "princess". Yes, "princess". I can barely keep from laughing my ass off every time she says it. She's just that type of person...she just likes me is all, but SHEESH, PRINCESS??

The Big Apple

Why is it that some people can't understand simple design concepts? For instance. I designed an invitation for a 40th anniversary celebration of a nutritional program. It had a big apple on the front. The guy said, "Don't you think this apple is to big? It is bigger than an actual apple." "Oh My God", I thought to myself. I then said, "Well, my idea was that if the apple was 'larger than life' the person invited would be more likely to remember the invitation existed--we are dealing with busy state & county officials who have a million things laying around on their desk. A bright shiny apple would probably stand out more than the world 'ALABAMA' considering we see that word so often. So the giant apple is a reminder on paper." **dull look from across the room** How about a little trust? How about the fact that you do the nutrition thing and I do the graphic design thing. Not to mention the fact that most of the things around here get churned out looking totally craptastic and when I try to get a little professional everyone stutters. dumbasses.

Shaken, not stirred

How to make a Diversion Mary

5 parts intelligence

1 part ambition

3 parts coolness
Blend at a low speed for 30 seconds. Add emotion to taste! Do not overindulge!


So, Saturday was a great day. Patrick made me breakfast and then we went to pick my kitty cat up from the vet--he's feeling great, but let's just say he's not the man he used to be. After we came home Patrick made me a cake (funfetti!) Then we were really TIRED. Which kind of sucked, but I decided that I should take advantage of the only "me" day I get a year and go do something. It ended up that we went shopping. I tried to cut it short, but it was sale weekend. Oh my. I got some skirts, dresses, Bath&BodyWorks soap and we saw some strange and unusual characters around town. Then we had dinner at O'Charley's... Patrick tried to get me embarrassed with the typical resteraunt birtherday clapping, but instead it was kind of late and they just brought me a CAKE. Well, I haven't even had the one Patrick made yet. When we got home we lit candles and made a wish then it was bed time--we didn't even slice it up. Sunday morning I spent all morning making a 2 CD set of 50's & 60's music for Patrick's dad. We had a nice dinner at his parents house and his mom brought out the... you guessed it! CAKE! Chocolate on chocolate. Well, we had a piece at dessert and then, they Insisted that we take it home. More cake. CAKE CAKE CAKE.

I made it through the wilderness

My best friend from high school sent me a birthday card yesterday with a ticket to the Atlanta MADONNA CONCERT in it! WOOOHOOOOO! I'm so freakin' excited! Granted, I haven't kept up with Madonna's latest CD, but she is a generational pop ICON and I get to see her in concert. It will be me and my best friend, his neice renee and his friend Kevin. Get a load of this.... He paid $700 for his one ticket! Mine was only $92. Lets just say that Renee and I are sitting a LONG way from him and Kevin which is understandable. Patrick is going to go to Atlanta and meet his best friend from Savannah there and go out while I'm at the concert. Then we'll all meet up later. It sounds like it'll work out grand! July 24th at Atlanta's Phillips Arena.... MADONNA! Woohoo! :)

Worn out my welcome

It seems I have worn out my welcome in the "early 20's" Category as I slip into year 26 of my life in 8 days. I swear to God, I was 12 not that long ago and I thought I would never grow up. Patrick's birthday is 4 days after mine. I think we might go to dinner and a movie if we have the money. There is a new Mexican restaurant in town that has a Mariachi band playing. And maybe we'll see Shrek 2. My mom sent me an email telling me that I have a package in the mail soon. She sent a link to this pic.

Kitty Cat Shoes! :) I'm excited. I have had my eye on them a while. I guess my mentality hasn't left the pre-teen era yet! I guess that is what counts.

The 3rd Reich of Parking

So, I have a temporary parking pass that I must renew every 3 months. Well, the last time I got it renewed they wrote the tag down wrong. They have "A" when in actuality it is "N". Well, I got 3 tickets for "possible misuse of permit". What? Did I scavenge the town for someone else with that out of county tag that just happened to be just like mine except it had an "A" instead of an "N" and just hope they had a parking permit for Auburn University? I don't think so. Well, the Parking Nazi's refuse to let me out of these tickets which is ridiculous. I am not the one who wrote it down. I really hate going to the PD here to get a new parking permit because they are all bitches. Every single one of them are parking nazi bitches and if the situation doesn't put you in a pissy mood their attitude and the attitude of the people forming a line behind you while they "investigate" what happened between the "A" and the "N" really will!