Edible Sculpture

So, I was making some rice crispy treats for Patrick this weekend (he swears they really accent the flavor of Natural Light) and while I was pushing them down into the pan, I thought about how easy it would be to make rice crispy treats into a sculpture. You could totally mold them however you wanted to. You know how people who are in the Guiness book of world records make big food? "Biggest Hamburger ever!" "Biggest Enchilada in the world!" and all that shit? Well, when you look at it, it is really just a whole bunch of small ones in one place. It's not like they baked a 7 foot hamburger bun. But, with a rice crispy treat, you could make a GIANT one. And you could wrap in in cling wrap just like at a bake sale. Or better yet, you could do sculptures. You could make a small city out of gooey marshmellow covered cereal. Maybe Godzilla. Or sculpt all 31 former members of Menudo!