Come on DOOooooown!

We were channel surfing the other night and saw The Price is Right on TV at NIGHT. Well, apparently they are doing special million dollar shows occasionally now. Well, for some ODD reason both Patrick and I were getting into this stupid gameshow. Why is is that after all the years, The Price is Right is still a really popular game show? I mean, they NEVER change their games up, they never make the wheel worth more money and they have a REALLY tacky set with really tacky girls who show off really tacky prizes. And remember when every female contestant HAD to give ol' Bob a big, wet smooch on the cheeck or he'd ask why he didn't get one? Well, they put an end to that. Even when I was a kid, I thought that was gross and that if it meant I had to kiss him to win $10,000 I wouldn't do it! I always hated the way he wore tacky men's rings and held his pinky out funny when he held the microphone too. Of course, he was pretty funny in Happy Gilmore... gotta give him some credit.