Come on DOOooooown!

We were channel surfing the other night and saw The Price is Right on TV at NIGHT. Well, apparently they are doing special million dollar shows occasionally now. Well, for some ODD reason both Patrick and I were getting into this stupid gameshow. Why is is that after all the years, The Price is Right is still a really popular game show? I mean, they NEVER change their games up, they never make the wheel worth more money and they have a REALLY tacky set with really tacky girls who show off really tacky prizes. And remember when every female contestant HAD to give ol' Bob a big, wet smooch on the cheeck or he'd ask why he didn't get one? Well, they put an end to that. Even when I was a kid, I thought that was gross and that if it meant I had to kiss him to win $10,000 I wouldn't do it! I always hated the way he wore tacky men's rings and held his pinky out funny when he held the microphone too. Of course, he was pretty funny in Happy Gilmore... gotta give him some credit.

A Blog from the past...

Here is a blog from a webpage I used to keep up before "blogging" was a big deal.

September 01, 1999 2.11pm
I swear his legs were like peanut butter. . .
I noticed him when I walked back to the philosophy section. He was a couple of isles up and you couldn't help but to notice him because his shorts were SO short.  He had on a pair of tight spandex shorty-shorts. I don't know where the hell you'd get such a pair of pants for man, but he had found them. With that, he had on a plain white t-shirt. The t-shirt went down so far (or his shorts when UP so far) that only about a centimeter of spandex showed.
Well, he was slightly effeminate--nothing wrong with that--I'm not trying to be politically correct or incorrect, but stating the facts.  Whatever floats your boat. But, he walked back to the magazines where I ended up later on with my friends sitting one bench down checking out the art mags while he flipped through the fitness and sports mags.  He had his legs crossed and I noticed how SMOOTH they were. And I mean smooth... It took me a minute to realize that he had no hair on his legs--I knew they were peculiar, but when I finally realized that he had to take a razor to those babies I broke out in a big, cheesy grin.  And the more I looked, the more I thought... "I wonder if he waxes..."
But, as me and my friends walked out the door, we were commenting about his legs and I said "he had legs like peanut butter". My friends looked at me like he thought I was on another planet... But that was the perfect word for them. Smooth like peanut butter, you know how peanut butter gets a little shiny when its really smooth?
They were like that--and very,very tan. I swear he had legs like peanut butter . . .

Lego My Mary

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Edible Sculpture

So, I was making some rice crispy treats for Patrick this weekend (he swears they really accent the flavor of Natural Light) and while I was pushing them down into the pan, I thought about how easy it would be to make rice crispy treats into a sculpture. You could totally mold them however you wanted to. You know how people who are in the Guiness book of world records make big food? "Biggest Hamburger ever!" "Biggest Enchilada in the world!" and all that shit? Well, when you look at it, it is really just a whole bunch of small ones in one place. It's not like they baked a 7 foot hamburger bun. But, with a rice crispy treat, you could make a GIANT one. And you could wrap in in cling wrap just like at a bake sale. Or better yet, you could do sculptures. You could make a small city out of gooey marshmellow covered cereal. Maybe Godzilla. Or sculpt all 31 former members of Menudo!

Sad, Strange & Beautiful

Someone posted this link in the graphic design forum. It is a photographer's gallery of a completely deserted island now and in 1974 when people were there. Both sets of images are strangely sad but so beautiful. I really liked the images that show things that were left behind and how "fixed" they are to the landscape of this dreary island. Take a look

Best Pix of 2003

Someone posted this website on my HOW forum. Lots of cute animal pictures. I love the polar bears pic, the fish pic, and the ducklings pic. You've got to check it out!
On to the pictures!