Where the Buffalo Roam

Well, Saturday I returned from my quest for the West. We had a good time. My parents really live in a great place. **Just to inform those who don't know, my parents moved from Alabama to Colorado about a month ago and now own a small western motel there** The town is very small and they are about to get a super wal-mart which is a huge deal out there. It doesn't seem to effect the small business in the surrounding towns, so hopefully it won't effect Delta, CO. either. I must say, the low price leader is definately something that I find a neccesity in life seeing as I am on a tight budget and all.
I have noticed that my parents have a bit of a problem measuring distance and time out there. They told me it would take about 3 and a half hours to get to Delta from Denver when it actually takes about 6 and a half hours. Up and down the rocky mountains in the snow driving a 4-cylander rental car that is not much more stable than a rollar skate is a very nerve-racking way to travel--just ask my boyfriend Patrick.
We stayed on top of the Grand Mesa for the most part. The largest plateau in the world is 25 miles from Delta. It is absolutely beautiful. There was at least 5 feet of snow still covering up the land and the drifts could have been as much as 10 feet high. Patrick and I went struggling around in the snow a while and realized that snow shoes do serve a good purpose. I must have fallen ass-deep in snow about 4 or 5 times. Its kinda hard to get out of that situation too. Then you have to climb all the way back down from where you were soaking wet and frigid.
Funny thing about that area of Colorado is that from the desert, you can see the snow and from the snow, you can see the desert. Dust storms and snow storms all in one day. I will post some pictures one of these days.
The people out there are very friendly, and I find that the younger people hate their small, western towns as much as I hate my small, southern college town. The happiest people were the old ones. They have it all figured out. I think Patrick and I are kind of "old souls" we tend to be on the side of the old folks there who like the slow pace and the beautiful scenary.