The Weekend in review

Friday night I actually had alcohol and didn't puke. We bought some tequila and made margaritas. It was pretty cool. I didn't really get very buzzed even though I had 3 margaritas. I started to feel bad after the 3rd one but, I ate some bread and that made it go away. I hate being a sickly drinker. I didn't used to be that way. Then, last night I had maybe a half of a glass of wine (can you believe we bought Boone's Farm Sangria? We used to call that stuff "Freshman Sorostitute Bait") and I was more buzzed off of that than tequila. I'm alcoholically bass-ackwards.

We also bought that game called "Scene It" trivia. It was pretty easy. Patrick kicks ass in movie trivia. He has a photographic memory. But, I kick ass in music trivia. So, really Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture DVD is a better game for us. We like that one too.