Sometimes I really hate bumper-sticker politics (despite my new Don't Blame Me sticker idea). Mostly, I have found that I hate the old, southern conservative bumper sticker politics.

In the past there have been many stickers and yard signs (yeah, how tacky!) about voting "NO" to the idea of an Alabama lottery, Judge Roy Moore support bumper stickers, various local causes, and world-wide issues aired out to dry on the back of some old, southern conservative bumper.

Now the young, southern conservatives are getting in on the deal with a new "W" sticker. It is a new, sleek style for the descriminant bumper-sticker politician. A solid black rectangle features a simple, gray "W" in a old style serif font. Neatly printed underneath in white, sans serif are the words "for President".

I must applaud the effort to sway away from red, white, and blue, however, they remind me of one of those "Over The Hill" gags you find in trinket shops.

As a designer, what does the black color represent? The death of our nation, perhaps? What does the gray "W" represent? The fact that all of the reasons why we are in Iraq are neither black nor white.... just kind of gray? The very small "for President"? Maybe that is deep-seeded anger for President Bush's policies that is tucked deep away into the hearts of even the most die-hard campaigner.

All I know is that I will never have one of those on my SUV. First of all because I am not a rich, republican who can afford an SUV and second of all because I think Dubbyah is a moron.