I met fate this weekend... her name is Tequila

So, I left out the best part of my last post.
Friday after I got off work Patrick and I went to the shell station to pick up some stuff. They have used DVDs there and he has a shell card so we bought Signs on DVD so that we'd have something to do that night. Well, the girl at the check out saw what we were buying and she said "Are you sure you want to watch this??" Apparently, she thought it was pretty boring. Well, we knew it wasn't all that hot, but we got it anyways. We went home, got all depressed because there isn't anything worth crap doing in Auburn. Then we got the idea for Margaritas. We finally decided on Margaritas and we went to Wal-mart to get the DVD game Scene It. The girl at Wal-mart said "You guys really know how to have fun and you can have fun at home without going out". She was praising us for our ability to be somewhat creative I guess. Well, we got home and make our cool Margaritas and played our game and Patrick just happened to laugh and mention that the name of the check out girl at Shell was "Tequila". Then we put the whole thing together.

We begin to do the same thing we always do
A girl named Tequila asks us if we really want to watch the movie
We get depressed
We decide to get margaritas & a game instead of the movie
The girl at Wal-mart tells us we got it all figured out
We go home and have fun.

It was like fate.... and her name was Tequila.

Yeah, this was a totally air-headed post, but I swear it was a pretty cool coincidence after 3 margaritas.