I love it when I remember funny stuff

I was reading Lori's Pointless Absurdity and her latest bookstore post reminded me of the grossest bookstore experience I ever had. Hastings has chairs here & there to relax while you check out possible purchases. Well, I was looking at some crazy book in the new age section and this guy was sitting across from me. He was less than hygenic and he actually brought his own Sam's Cola into the store and was curled up into the chair across from me. Every once in a while I would hear something come from his direction. It was kind of a half giggle and half horse snort sound. I looked up and the guy was twitching. I took a look at what he was reading and I saw a copy of the Karma Sutra in his sweaty hands. Nasty. He's probably one of those guys that hides a copy of "Ultimately Sexual Positions" inside of his Star Trek Ultimate fan Guide when he's not getting choked up over some nasty illustrations of The Bowing Cow or something.