A Hung Jury

I'm sure by now we've all heard the name "William Hung". You know, I never thought I would watch American Idol because reality TV just grinds my nerves. However, I did find that the auditions were really, really funny. William Hung definately topped the list of bad auditions and I laughed until I cried that night when I saw him on TV. Then, I started feeling kind of bad because he spoke to Randy, Paula, and Simon and he was a very gracious loser. He told them that he had done his best, he wasn't a professional, and he just likes to sing. It was very funny, but the guy was just being so damn nice, I just can't laugh at him anymore.

I saw him on Jay Leno the other night and he had his little dancers in the background, he was singing "She Bang" in the same tonedeaf way he had auditioned it on American Idol, but it just wasn't funny. I read a post online where this guy was pissed off because he was a struggling singer and William Hung got a record deal because he sucked. Would that guy really want the kind of fame William Hung has?

William Hung seems like such an innocently, sweet person and I think they are totally taking advantage of the guy. The record company is making millions of dollars off of this record which, for all intents and purposes, makes fun of William. And to top it off, they named the record "Inspiration". It just makes it seem a lot like the guy doesn't know that people are just making fun of him. Which makes me sad.

Despite the fact that it seems like he is getting made fun of all the time I don't feel sorry for him really, because he seems like a real great, nice guy and that is worth more than that record deal. I just hope that he does something great with his money and goes to school to get like a whole bunch of degrees and stuff.

Making the guy "famous" (or maybe infamous) just ruined the funny part to me. The audition was funny. He did a really, really bad job which anyone could see. They should have ended it all there. It reminds me of the popular kids in school that would always pretends to like an "undesirable" person so they could lure them into their group and set them up to be made fun of.