I was on my graphic design forum today and there was a thread about salaries. I saw where people that were in the game a long time before me, were making not much more than me. You'd think that would make me proud considering I've only been in the working world for 1 year. Not really, all that told me is that it isn't getting any better.

As far as money goes, I came from nothing. My parents did everything they could possibly do and I love them for it. What they gave me most is the ambition and support to go out there and get a degree and have a career. It's just not that easy anymore. It seems like the only ones who get ahead anymore are the ones who were ahead from the first breath they took in this world. And those of us who weren't that "fortunate" must stay in our places. It isn't fair. I don't believe in rags to riches stories--they are merely fodder for the masses. They are stories that make us try harder for something when really all we are doing is spinning our wheels.

I'm not money hungry. What I really want to do is just simple things. I want to be able to afford to be married. I want us to be able to see the world and LIVE life and have adventures. Not bust my buns all day in a career that goes no where. Working in an office all day is not living. It is working. When I go home to Patrick in the afternoons--that is when living begins and living is even better when we are somewhere new. Not this crap...

Nice, quiet people don't make a lot of money either. I'm no saint, but I haven't got a truly mean bone in my body. In review, I am nice, quiet & poor and I will be forever. Those have been my thoughts for the day.

Let's just hope that the meek do, indeed, inherit the earth.

< /bitch&moan >