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And I thought MY blog was boring.


Why do they put serving sizes on bottled water? My bottle had 2 servings. When I get done with my bottled water I'll say to myself "Oh, that was great, I think I'll have seconds!.. wait! I already did...."

Reason #587 Why Alabama Sucks

If you live here and want to get out of here one day and move on to brighter horizons, it is really hard to do. The price of living here is so freakin' cheap (and wages too) that you can't afford to leave! It's a trap, I tell you...

I met fate this weekend... her name is Tequila

So, I left out the best part of my last post.
Friday after I got off work Patrick and I went to the shell station to pick up some stuff. They have used DVDs there and he has a shell card so we bought Signs on DVD so that we'd have something to do that night. Well, the girl at the check out saw what we were buying and she said "Are you sure you want to watch this??" Apparently, she thought it was pretty boring. Well, we knew it wasn't all that hot, but we got it anyways. We went home, got all depressed because there isn't anything worth crap doing in Auburn. Then we got the idea for Margaritas. We finally decided on Margaritas and we went to Wal-mart to get the DVD game Scene It. The girl at Wal-mart said "You guys really know how to have fun and you can have fun at home without going out". She was praising us for our ability to be somewhat creative I guess. Well, we got home and make our cool Margaritas and played our game and Patrick just happened to laugh and mention that the name of the check out girl at Shell was "Tequila". Then we put the whole thing together.

We begin to do the same thing we always do
A girl named Tequila asks us if we really want to watch the movie
We get depressed
We decide to get margaritas & a game instead of the movie
The girl at Wal-mart tells us we got it all figured out
We go home and have fun.

It was like fate.... and her name was Tequila.

Yeah, this was a totally air-headed post, but I swear it was a pretty cool coincidence after 3 margaritas.

The Weekend in review

Friday night I actually had alcohol and didn't puke. We bought some tequila and made margaritas. It was pretty cool. I didn't really get very buzzed even though I had 3 margaritas. I started to feel bad after the 3rd one but, I ate some bread and that made it go away. I hate being a sickly drinker. I didn't used to be that way. Then, last night I had maybe a half of a glass of wine (can you believe we bought Boone's Farm Sangria? We used to call that stuff "Freshman Sorostitute Bait") and I was more buzzed off of that than tequila. I'm alcoholically bass-ackwards.

We also bought that game called "Scene It"...movie trivia. It was pretty easy. Patrick kicks ass in movie trivia. He has a photographic memory. But, I kick ass in music trivia. So, really Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture DVD is a better game for us. We like that one too.


I was on my graphic design forum today and there was a thread about salaries. I saw where people that were in the game a long time before me, were making not much more than me. You'd think that would make me proud considering I've only been in the working world for 1 year. Not really, all that told me is that it isn't getting any better.

As far as money goes, I came from nothing. My parents did everything they could possibly do and I love them for it. What they gave me most is the ambition and support to go out there and get a degree and have a career. It's just not that easy anymore. It seems like the only ones who get ahead anymore are the ones who were ahead from the first breath they took in this world. And those of us who weren't that "fortunate" must stay in our places. It isn't fair. I don't believe in rags to riches stories--they are merely fodder for the masses. They are stories that make us try harder for something when really all we are doing is spinning our wheels.

I'm not money hungry. What I really want to do is just simple things. I want to be able to afford to be married. I want us to be able to see the world and LIVE life and have adventures. Not bust my buns all day in a career that goes no where. Working in an office all day is not living. It is working. When I go home to Patrick in the afternoons--that is when living begins and living is even better when we are somewhere new. Not this crap...

Nice, quiet people don't make a lot of money either. I'm no saint, but I haven't got a truly mean bone in my body. In review, I am nice, quiet & poor and I will be forever. Those have been my thoughts for the day.

Let's just hope that the meek do, indeed, inherit the earth.

< /bitch&moan >

Where is the Love?

Just go ask this RHINO.

Hee hee

My mom is so cute. I am making and ad for their motel for a city guide that is being published. I told her to get information for me about the file format, size, Dpi and all that stuff. This is part of the info she sent back

"It can be full color and sent in any format jpeg, jif, ptf etc she can open all of them."

Hee hee... "jif" and "ptf"... I know that she wouldn't have a clue. But instead of calling me and saying "I have no idea what she meant when she said "jif"... she just sounded it out! LOL

I used to love it when I was talking to my mom on the phone about how I was having a hard time with one of my projects or something. I'd hang up the phone and get back to work and she'd call about 10 minutes later and say something like "Oh, I have an idea! You could make each of the letters diagnal down the page!!" and she would be so excited. It was so cute. She always has tried to help me no matter what. I love my mom.

I love it when I remember funny stuff

I was reading Lori's Pointless Absurdity and her latest bookstore post reminded me of the grossest bookstore experience I ever had. Hastings has chairs here & there to relax while you check out possible purchases. Well, I was looking at some crazy book in the new age section and this guy was sitting across from me. He was less than hygenic and he actually brought his own Sam's Cola into the store and was curled up into the chair across from me. Every once in a while I would hear something come from his direction. It was kind of a half giggle and half horse snort sound. I looked up and the guy was twitching. I took a look at what he was reading and I saw a copy of the Karma Sutra in his sweaty hands. Nasty. He's probably one of those guys that hides a copy of "Ultimately Sexual Positions" inside of his Star Trek Ultimate fan Guide when he's not getting choked up over some nasty illustrations of The Bowing Cow or something.

Mac users get an extra 25 points!

Sounds good, huh? Well, not when you are taking The Nerd Test. I am less than 26% nerd, after those extra 25 points though. They really didn't ask enough questions to assertain my exact nerdy-ness. I really think that there is girl nerdy and boy nerdy and the test was boy nerdy oriented.

Here is a super site. Check this out: Holly Hostess & the Parasite Pals!


I really don't know what to write about today except that it is Monday and it hasn't been a great one. Normally Monday's are superb because of all that sleepin' I did during the weekend and all. But, today its just kinda blah. On Saturday Patrick and I went to see Kill Bill Vol. 2. We got a little pissed off because the move attendants were little jerks. We knew that Q.T. would have some little morsel after all the credits were done, we so waiting. It took a while, but we waited. Well, the little clean up guys wanted to get in there. I understand that... but, wait until AFTER everyone in the theater has left to start calling people stupid for waiting for a 5 second clip at the end. Movie enthusists will understand.

Then we went home and rented Kill Bill Vol 1. Boy do I ever have that music stuck in my head. Everytime I walk into a room I hear that "duh-duh-DUH...Chicka-chick-Boom" theme playing in my head.


Sorry, I must have passed out for a moment because of the heavy aroma of oil-based paint in my office today. It is a bit much. I'm feeling pretty funky. Day before yesterday I bumped up against some nice, fresh paint and painted my ass white. I was pretty pissed because I had on my good black slacks. I think I'm going to wear them anyways and where a T-shirt that says "They dont Pay me enough to buy new ones"....

Not really, I'd like to, but thats just the paint talking.

Good One.


Sometimes I really hate bumper-sticker politics (despite my new Don't Blame Me sticker idea). Mostly, I have found that I hate the old, southern conservative bumper sticker politics.

In the past there have been many stickers and yard signs (yeah, how tacky!) about voting "NO" to the idea of an Alabama lottery, Judge Roy Moore support bumper stickers, various local causes, and world-wide issues aired out to dry on the back of some old, southern conservative bumper.

Now the young, southern conservatives are getting in on the deal with a new "W" sticker. It is a new, sleek style for the descriminant bumper-sticker politician. A solid black rectangle features a simple, gray "W" in a old style serif font. Neatly printed underneath in white, sans serif are the words "for President".

I must applaud the effort to sway away from red, white, and blue, however, they remind me of one of those "Over The Hill" gags you find in trinket shops.

As a designer, what does the black color represent? The death of our nation, perhaps? What does the gray "W" represent? The fact that all of the reasons why we are in Iraq are neither black nor white.... just kind of gray? The very small "for President"? Maybe that is deep-seeded anger for President Bush's policies that is tucked deep away into the hearts of even the most die-hard campaigner.

All I know is that I will never have one of those on my SUV. First of all because I am not a rich, republican who can afford an SUV and second of all because I think Dubbyah is a moron.


I don't want to post them here, but here is a link to the directory they are in. There are pics of the Grand Mesa in Delta, Colorado and my parents motel also in Delta. I have a couple pictures of my completely co-dependant cat in there too.

On to the PICTURES!

A Hung Jury

I'm sure by now we've all heard the name "William Hung". You know, I never thought I would watch American Idol because reality TV just grinds my nerves. However, I did find that the auditions were really, really funny. William Hung definately topped the list of bad auditions and I laughed until I cried that night when I saw him on TV. Then, I started feeling kind of bad because he spoke to Randy, Paula, and Simon and he was a very gracious loser. He told them that he had done his best, he wasn't a professional, and he just likes to sing. It was very funny, but the guy was just being so damn nice, I just can't laugh at him anymore.

I saw him on Jay Leno the other night and he had his little dancers in the background, he was singing "She Bang" in the same tonedeaf way he had auditioned it on American Idol, but it just wasn't funny. I read a post online where this guy was pissed off because he was a struggling singer and William Hung got a record deal because he sucked. Would that guy really want the kind of fame William Hung has?

William Hung seems like such an innocently, sweet person and I think they are totally taking advantage of the guy. The record company is making millions of dollars off of this record which, for all intents and purposes, makes fun of William. And to top it off, they named the record "Inspiration". It just makes it seem a lot like the guy doesn't know that people are just making fun of him. Which makes me sad.

Despite the fact that it seems like he is getting made fun of all the time I don't feel sorry for him really, because he seems like a real great, nice guy and that is worth more than that record deal. I just hope that he does something great with his money and goes to school to get like a whole bunch of degrees and stuff.

Making the guy "famous" (or maybe infamous) just ruined the funny part to me. The audition was funny. He did a really, really bad job which anyone could see. They should have ended it all there. It reminds me of the popular kids in school that would always pretends to like an "undesirable" person so they could lure them into their group and set them up to be made fun of.

The 51st State

Anybody watch Jay Leno on Wednesday night? Donald Trump was a guest and the audience consisted of the regular crowd as well as the Miss USA pagent(or Miss America, whatever!--there is a difference...) contestants where there. Donald kept saying that there were 51 beautiful women in the audience. Jay laughed and was going to call him on it, but then realized that Donald Trump had no idea that there were only 50 states. Jay said, "How many states have you been to?" ... Donald said "I have been to many states, but not 51!" . Neither have I,Donald...neither have I.

Where the Buffalo Roam

Well, Saturday I returned from my quest for the West. We had a good time. My parents really live in a great place. **Just to inform those who don't know, my parents moved from Alabama to Colorado about a month ago and now own a small western motel there** The town is very small and they are about to get a super wal-mart which is a huge deal out there. It doesn't seem to effect the small business in the surrounding towns, so hopefully it won't effect Delta, CO. either. I must say, the low price leader is definately something that I find a neccesity in life seeing as I am on a tight budget and all.
I have noticed that my parents have a bit of a problem measuring distance and time out there. They told me it would take about 3 and a half hours to get to Delta from Denver when it actually takes about 6 and a half hours. Up and down the rocky mountains in the snow driving a 4-cylander rental car that is not much more stable than a rollar skate is a very nerve-racking way to travel--just ask my boyfriend Patrick.
We stayed on top of the Grand Mesa for the most part. The largest plateau in the world is 25 miles from Delta. It is absolutely beautiful. There was at least 5 feet of snow still covering up the land and the drifts could have been as much as 10 feet high. Patrick and I went struggling around in the snow a while and realized that snow shoes do serve a good purpose. I must have fallen ass-deep in snow about 4 or 5 times. Its kinda hard to get out of that situation too. Then you have to climb all the way back down from where you were soaking wet and frigid.
Funny thing about that area of Colorado is that from the desert, you can see the snow and from the snow, you can see the desert. Dust storms and snow storms all in one day. I will post some pictures one of these days.
The people out there are very friendly, and I find that the younger people hate their small, western towns as much as I hate my small, southern college town. The happiest people were the old ones. They have it all figured out. I think Patrick and I are kind of "old souls" we tend to be on the side of the old folks there who like the slow pace and the beautiful scenary.