Scatchin' N Survivin'

This is week 2 of the 4 week temporary layoff from work and I am super-pissed. The first day I was jobless I applied for unemployment. I recieved in the mail, a statement which tells me that I am ineligible. Apparently I began work at the end of one of the state's stupid freakin' "quarters" which gave me a very low total income for the 1st quarter. Then, of course, I worked the next quarter to its fullest and therefore had a much, much higher earned income for the 2nd quarter. So they said that because of the jump in my income that I cannot qualify for unemployment. Does that make sense to you? Not to me. I am SO pissed off right now.

My job abuses me. I've been working there almost a year now (May 3rd will be a year). I go to meetings, I put up with bullshit, I do every little thing that comes my way with a freakin' smile yet, I have no say in what goes on, I have no benefits, I don't get paid whenever the University is shut down and I can't go to work AND they kick me out of the place for a month every year so that they don't "abuse" me they say. Bullshit. It is so they don't have to pay me a salary—which isn't too much more than what I get paid right now! Its not like I can "save up" for a month off with the crappy wages they pay. So, how in the hell am I going to pay bills? It is crap like this that makes me angry and it will continue to make me angry when I go back to work. So angry that I will begin to hate it more and more and more until finally I can't take it anymore. Because for about 3 months after I go back to work, I'm going to be playing "catch up" on all the bills and shit I need money for. Those are going to be miserable months.

I just gotta keep telling myself that I only have to put up with it a little bit longer. Then I am so out of this backwards, po-dunk, redneck state and I'm NEVER coming back. Never. Never. EVER.