Movie REVIEW:Cold Creek Manor [ F- ]

I was too shocked at how bad this movie was to even be mad that I wasted the $3.50 (plus payment on previous fines) to watch it.

The major headliners are Sharon Stone, Stephan Dorff, and Dennis Quaid and I'd have to say that even though these three haven't been the pick of the litter lately, I would have thought these actors would have seen the Cold Creek Manor trap after reading the script.

A NY City family (Quaid, Stone, & Kids) decide that they want to move to the country after one too many run-ins with the annoyances of city life. Upon moving out of the city, they immediately buy this giant, creepy looking mansion out in the boondocks that used to be part of a sheep farm. So, I wonder....

1) If they moved so far from the city, what about jobs? How will they make money?
2) Why didn't they check out the neighborhood first?
3) That house was awefully fancy at one time for sheep farmers...
4) Why is it that we are in upstate NY, but because it is in the "country" everyone looks hick and has a redneck accent?

Early in the movie the suspicious character (Dorff) was introduced, immediately my mind started working out how bad he was going to get in this movie and what he could have done that was so bad. I think most of us do that when we watch one of these movies that we know will be a "whodunnit" flick.

By the end of the movie, I was gravely dissapointed when the one very simple idea that I had come up with so early in the movie was exactly what had happened. We all want to be wrong so that there is a surprise in the end. No twists. No suprises. Just the dullest "thriller" I've ever seen.

If you have fun trashing bad movies like I do, you should get a copy of Roger Ebert's movie cliche's book and check them off the list while you watch Cold Creek Manor.