Fake, Plastic Beads

Why is it that everyone who comes back from Mardi Gras thinks that these fake, plastic beads are the utmost coolest thing in the world? And more importantly,why do these same people think that EVERYone should want to own their very own set of beads? I wasn't there--why do I want these beads? This is the 2nd time someone has given me Mardi Gras beads at work. Why? I threw the first set out, I'll throw the 2nd set out too. Some people hang those dumb beads from every corner of their office, their apartment, their house, and the most common place--rearview mirror. How do you say "no" to someone who is so eager to pass on these beads? I really thought I might hurt their feelings. Not so much because I wasn't taking a gift, but because they thought they are SO cool. So, now I got a drawer full of Mardi Gras beads at work that keep me from getting to my pens and leave little flakes of gold, green, and purple metallic paint on my floor. Stupid beads.